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The blinds will grow mold on them! Let me start with the fact that we have spent over $1,000 with select blinds.

The last order we had placed was for these blackout shades. The only good thing about them is that they do in fact block the light, but that's where it stops. We purchased the top down bottom up shades and that function is awful. It takes 2-3 tries to get them up or down, the strings just bunch up and the blinds don't actually go up.

I think this is due to the material that is used, it's too thick and they don't function properly. Because they did do their job blocking the light, we decided to just deal with it. It did get progressively worse as time went on. We now had the blinds for just over 3 years (by a few days) and made a horrible discovery.

The ENTIRE back of all three blinds in our bedroom is covered in MOLD! No one ever checks the back of their blinds, so who knows how long we have have this issue, could have been for a year, two, who knows! The only reason I even found this was because me and my daughter happened to be playing peekaboo and by chance lifted the shade up. After this discovery I contacted Select Blinds.

The answer I got was.... oh, well they're out of warranty so there is nothing we can do. When I tried to bring up the issue of the mold I simply got... Well, you're probably in a cold climate so that may happen with any condensation on the windows.

Not only did they not care about the problem, they also didn't offer to do ANYTHING. We spent $230 for three blinds, they offered to replace them a ta discount for over $300!!! I would not spend another dollar with this company. Stay away!

They pay for their reviews and entice people to write them by giving them discounts. DO NOT trust them!

THEY ALSO BLOCK BAD REVIEWS ON THEIR WEBSITE!!! I tried to write this review on the select blind websites and kept getting an "Error" Do not trust the reviews on their site!

Product or Service Mentioned: Select Blinds Cellular Blinds.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $230.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I used to work for them, this is typical. They'll weasel their way out of paying anything.

Honestly, the prices are disgustingly inflated as well. Any "discounts" really aren't.

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